Privacy policy

Table of contents

§1 - Cookies

  1. When you download the content of HappyForks website, some short identification data - called cookies - is attached to it and can be stored in your browser. It is up to you: using appropriate settings in your browser (privacy settings), you can decide if cookies are to be stored and when they should be deleted.
  2. Thanks to cookies and the mentioned identification data, we can offer you a possibility to add products to your list.
  3. Cookies are also used for statistical purposes and can be used by outside parties.

§2 - What data is collected

  1. HappyForks is used anonymously, we do not collect any personal information.
  2. We collect profile data such as gender, age, height, weight and potentially also pregnancy, activity, and a weight goal. These data is necessary to calculate recommended daily caloric and nutrients intake. These may actually not be your data but any information you want to take into account while calculating recommended daily caloric and nutrients intake.
  3. We use this data only to allow you a full access to all HappyForks features.
  4. We collect statistical data and we analyze, and use it for various purposes. These analyses allow us to offer you a high quality service.
  5. Profile and statistical data is not shared with outside parties. The only exception being when required by authorized authorities.
  6. Users has the right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority.
  7. Providing data is voluntary.

§3 - Statistics

  1. We use statistics to analyze how our Users interact with our website. We use Piwik software which cares about the privacy of our Users and is located on our servers. Therefore figures are not shared with any outside parties and your privacy is better protected.
  2. We use cookies in statistics, but even when cookies are disabled, statistical data is still collected. Cookies just make statistics more accurate.

§4 - External links

  1. External links to e.g. social media, food blogs, or academic publications, are placed at HappyForks website.
  2. We do not exercise any form of control over the websites these external links direct to and therefore we hold no responsibility for them or their content which could have changed since the moment the link was placed at HappyForks.
  3. External websites have their own privacy policy, different than and independent of ours.

§5 - Server logs

  1. Every time you enter HappyForks website, some bits of technical information, such as the date and hour of your visit, your IP address, and the address of the downloaded site, is stored on the server. These data is used for protection, technical, maintenance and statistical purposes but is not shared with any third parties. These information however may be handed over to authorized intuitions in accordance with applicable legal regulations.
  2. Server logs are independent from cookies; cookies settings have no effect on them.

§6 - Social media buttons

  1. We take all the efforts to employ social media buttons in such a way that no data is shared with outside parties. Therefore, placement of Facebook™, Google+™, Twitter™, Pinterest™, LinkedIn™ buttons makes it impossible for third parties to track HappyForks Users (unless they click on them), collect any data or use cookies.