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Table of contents

§1 - About the Website and How to Interpret Data

We do all we can to provide you with high-quality information but despite that some data may be out-of-date or incorrect, and the reason has nothing to do with us. All data at HappyForks should be treated as rough estimates only.

  1. HappyForks provides free-of-charge services.
  2. HappyForks uses public data and scientific resources described in detail on the Data source website. Despite careful selection of the source data We cannot guarantee their accuracy or correctness. We are not responsible for any errors in the information or data, and for their improper interpretation or understanding by the User.
  3. All data and reports should be treated as rough estimates because they may differ from the actual data. The food product database is not complete, not all the nutrients are calculated, which is beyond our control. Moreover, the same product may have some different nutrients depending on its country of origin.
  4. Despite diligent Website testing, there may be some errors occurring on the Website (dependent on or independent of HappyForks), in the presentation of source data or calculations, resulting in data published on the Website being incorrect or different from the source data. We are not responsible for the results of such errors, it is best not to relay on one source of information only.
  5. We are also not responsible for misclassification of vegetarian and vegan products. Some products are just difficult to classify.
  6. We are not able to provide help as part of the rendered services. We do not provide individual dietary advice. Provided information should never be used as dietary recommendation or medical advice.
  7. We reserve the right to make changes to HappyForks, temporarily suspend or completely cease to provide the service at any time without previous notice.

§2 - Using the Website Without Creating an Account

You do not need to create an account to use the Website. Creating an account is not possible.

  1. Saving data: Neither the list of products, nor profile data are stored permanently. The removal of cookies renders the lists inaccessible. The data may also be deleted during HappyForks updates.
  2. Removing data: To remove data you should use "Clear data", an option located below your profile, or remove cookies manually.

§3 - Educational Character of the Website

HappyForks is an educational and informative website only. You use information from HappyForks on own responsibility. No information found at HappyForks should be treated as dietary advice. This website cannot replace professional dietary recommendations or medical advice. The website should not be used for self-diagnostic or diagnostic purposes.

  1. The Website has educational and informational character only. No information from the Website should be treated as dietary recommendation or medical advice. No information published on the Website can provide basis for undertaking medical actions, self-treatment or changing the current method of treatment or diet. Depending on information from HappyForks is insufficient because it is only a simple tool, which does not take into account many factors. When you have doubts or when you want to change your diet, in particular a slimming diet, you should contact a qualified dietitian or doctor.
  2. Any change in the nutrition methods of persons with health problems, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers or small children has to be consulted with a doctor or dietitian, and must not be based on information from HappyForks. Dietary standards applied by HappyForks are for healthy people only.
  3. Suggested products which appear in the nutrition report are not dietary recommendations. The proposed items are selected using a simple computer algorithm, which does not take into account many individual factors for each person, therefore there might be products listed which are not suitable for the given individual.
  4. HappyForks should be used for private purposes only. It does not provide basis for formulating medical or dietary recommendations by doctors or dietitians, who should use professional tools, created specifically for them.

§4 - Intellectual property

  1. The logo, artwork, icons, source code, texts, selection of published information, layout and arrangement as well as other proprietary elements of the Website are owned by the HappyForks and are copyrighted. All rights are reserved.
  2. Photos of food products and recipes belong to their owners and are shared under separate licenses.
  3. The base of food products and nutrition standards (Dietary Reference Intake) originates from external data sources, listed at Data source; the HappyForks is not their author.
  4. All trademarks are used for information purposes only and are the property of their owners.