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  • Follow a healthy and balanced diet
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Diet analysis, food diary

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Lose weight or gain weight

Personalized weight manger

Be it about losing weight, gaining weight or simply keeping in shape, HappyForks is here to help. First fill in your Weight Goal and other profile data and we will calculate your estimated daily calories intake.
However, focusing on calories only is not a right approach. That is why HappyForks also helps to check whether your meals have appropriate nutritional value for your body to stay healthy. Add the amounts you eat to your List or your Diary, and you will see whether your meal sizes are right. Bear in mind though that although writing things down helps to achieve your goals, it is not a magic wand and it cannot replace professional advice from a dietician.

  1. Fill in your Weight Goal and other profile data.
  2. Add the amounts you eat to your List.
  3. You will see whether your meal sizes are right.

Follow a healthy and balanced diet

Healthy diet check-list

HappyForks helps to establish healthy eating habits. Checking nutritional value of your products or meals greatly contributes to your understanding of healthy eating. As you will spot soon, this knowledge pays back because you will start making healthy food choices automatically. Noting down what you have eaten makes it easier to notice when your diet lacks certain nutrients, and at HappyForks you will quickly find products and recipes that will bring a balance back to your diet.

  1. Find products or recipes you eat or like (you may add them to your List).
  2. Check nutritional value of them (or see your Nutrition Report).
  3. Use "High/Low in" search feature to find products or recipes that will supplement lacking nutrients.

Keep all your recipes in one place

One-stop access to all your recipes

At HappyForks you have a quick access to all your recipes. Use Recipe Analyzer to check the nutritional value of recipes you find online and save it for future use. There are also some great meal ideas at HappyForks which you can modify and save. You can also save your list of items as a new recipe. It is all available in one place with detailed data on nutritional values. Experiment with recipes, edit and improve them, add your notes and comments to make them suit you better.

  1. You can start from Recipe analyzer.
  2. Modify recipe to make it fit your needs and then save it.
  3. Add title, notes and other information.

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